CIMS provides a wide range of products and services, designed to insure that tire manufacturers, tire importers and private brand owners meet all of the recordkeeping and recall requirements of NHTSA’s Tire Registration Regulation (49CFR Part 574.7).
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Products & Services

Tire Registration, Retention & Recall Systems

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Tire registration data provided by the tire dealers and tire purchasers is captured, recorded, duplicated and stored per the requirements of the NHTSA Tire Registration Regulation. Duplicate copies of the information are stored offsite at an environmentally safe location. In the event of a safety related tire recall CIMS retrieves the tire registration information and provides the tire manufacturer/brand owner with the consumer information. The tire manufacturer (or CIMS) then provides the consumer with a direct, timely notice of the recall. CIMS provides the client with reports of the results of the recall and will continue to monitor all incoming registrations for recalled tires.

Registration Webpage Design & Monitoring

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CIMS designs, implements and maintains tire registration webpages for tire manufacturers, tire importers and brand owners. Tire purchasers who receive a tire registration form at the time of purchase can visit the tire manufacturer’s website and enter the tire registration information online, thus saving the cost of postage to mail the tire registration form.

Point-Of-Sale Electronic Tire Registration

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CIMS has partnered with many of the largest Point-of-Sale software providers to establish an interface that enables CIMS to receive tire registration data directly from the tire dealer’s Point-of-Sale (POS) system. This provides a low cost way for the dealer to complete the tire registration process. This method of registering tires enables tire dealers to register 100% of tires sold, insuring every tire purchaser will receive a direct notification in the event of a safety related recall.

E-Tire Registration Web Portal

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For tire dealers who do not capture the tire registration information at the Point-of-Sale, CIMS E-Tire Registration Web Portal provides these dealers the ability to register tires electronically. Tire dealers subscribe to CIMS’ E-Tire Registration Web Portal and enter their customers’ tire registration information conveniently and securely online. CIMS E-Tire Registration Web Portal, as well as POS, allows tire dealers to register 100 percent of tires sold.

All-Brand Tire Registration Forms

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CIMS provides independent multi-brand, multi-outlet tire dealers with a simple, cost effective way to comply with the recordkeeping requirements of the NHTSA’s Tire Registration Regulation. CIMS All-Brand Tire Registration Form is used to record the required tire registration information for any tire brand the dealer sells, eliminating the confusion of ordering and stocking individual manufacturer’s forms.

Tire Manufacturer/ Brand Owner Registration Forms

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CIMS provides a tire registration form printing and distribution service for tire manufacturers and private brand owners. For some of these clients the forms are shipped in bulk to their distribution points. For other clients, CIMS distributes the forms directly to the independent tire dealers. CIMS tire registration clients find this to be a very cost effective and convenient way to handle the distribution of their tire registration forms.